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So you are ready to start your own record label.  In order to start the process you must have what every business needs and that is a business plan.  A business plan is important so that you can organize the steps that will bring your product to market and so that you will have documentation to show others, such as music investors and music connections, exactly what your business does and the profit potential.  The best way for  an Artist or an aspiring record label executive to start is to obtain a template that has been pre-produced and that contains all  the documents and music contracts that are required for record company startup. But let me save you some reading. If I would have had all of those resources at my fingertips when I started, I would have saved tons of money and hours of time and you can get it all. You might think that you can’t afford something like this, but you will end up paying more in the long run if you try to assemble it yourself. CHECK HERE RECORD LABEL BUSINESS PLAN


Hello and welcome to my site.  My name is Robert B. and I put this site up to help people start their own record label or just get the business end of their project organized.  I’m a pretty regular guy, probably a lot like most of you.  I’m not some star, or some internet wiz, or some great web designer, but I have extensive experience in the music industry and I am willing to share my knowledge.  Follow the link that I am going to give you and read about what is available to you, one of the best music business books.  You will need to get your business in order and the best way to do that is to have a great business plan and some downloadable record company contracts.


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